The DF AGRI Srl, was founded in 2004 as a division of DF Srl, a leading global manufacturer of machines for pharmaceutical industry.
The technology and quality of the pharmaceutical sector were transferred to DF AGRI, which has made strong point to address, in an innovative way, to areas such as the cosmetic, wine, beer, oil and food in general.
The company has today a wide range of semi-automatic and automatic machine, designed and developed by our technical department and fully built internally.
DFAGRI is able to provide: storage tanks, washing/blowing machines, filling, capping, labeling and a wide range of furnishings made in stainless steel .
The Technical Department has the expertise to develop complete lines and also customized machines.
The facility, stands in the beautiful scenery of the Crete Senesi, has been designed according to all the criteria of modernity and respect for the environment. During 2013, the group has provided the plant of photovoltaic system on the roof.
Our strengths in the service of our clients are:

Design and construction employing technically and technologically reliable components and certified materials.
Care in the preparation of technical documents attached to the machine.
High operational flexibility.
Easy management, maintenance and cleaning of the machines.
Fast delivery.
Efficiency in the after-sales service.

The DF AGRI is present, thanks to an extensive sales network, both in the Italian market and in the foreign market. The company regularly exports in the countries of the Mediterranean (Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Turkey, Greece, etc.), Europe (France, Spain, Austria), Eastern Europe, the countries of South America (Argentina, Venezuela, Chile) and in Australia.

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